Sep 27, 2006

Fr. Roderick: Catholic Insider

Fr. Roderick from Daily Breakfast and Catholic Insider podcasts came by (all the way from The Netherlands!) yesterday.

The guy's got all the enthusiasm of a four year old child. An incredibly nice man. I was running late yesterday and found him on the street videotaping some of his famous "soundscaping" features (think walking tour). So I walked over and said "You have got to be Fr. Roderick, to which he replied "Yes, do you listen to my show?"

I told him not only do I listen but that he was coming to the BustedHalo headquaters to see me...and told him my name. That provoked a hearty laugh.

So we had a "Daily Breakfast" with Fr. Roderick--listen to it here


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

is he the same dutch podcasting priest of star wars fame??

ProverbialMike said...

Indeed he is. I thought that was hysterical when he was telling us that.

How's religious life treating you?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Ahh.... well, it's been an adjustment. But I think we're coming out on the good side of the adjustment.

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