Oct 5, 2007

Daily Breakfast with Fr. Roderick

I spent the last few days with the awesome Fr. Roderick Vonhogen of the Daily Breakfast Podcast and the Catholic Insider Podcast. What a nice man--and a good priest! He's from the Netherlands but has a worldwide audience on his podcast morning show.

It's a great show that doesn't merely talk about religion but instead talks about pop culture with an added view on the spirituality behind it. Of course there are other catechetical elements of the show as well but it's really more about the things Fr. Roderick likes to do.

Next week (most likely Friday) Fr. Roderick will feature me as a guest on his Daily Breakfast show which will feature a 45 minute jaunt we took around Manhattan together and chatted about my book. He gave it a great recommendation and it was just fun to walk in Central Park with someone who wasn't as familiar with NYC as I am.

Check his podcast out in advance of my episode.

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