Nov 12, 2007

EWTN Scandal?

American Papist wrote this interesting post last week:

To be fair, Fr. Francis Mary Stone has not admitted to having a sexual encounter--so I'll reserve judgement here. I wonder what Mother Angelica would say--especially since she would regularly lambaste the more liberal end of the Catholic Church.

Regardless, this is the one show that I would watch on EWTN from time to time. So I'll keep the good father in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

er...? Why do you think he has sinned or caused another to sin? That is still the catholic definition of scandal, yes. Nevermind that there IS NO so-called "liberal end" of the Church, there is just Church. The door is open, but the cafeteria is closed.

As you have so eloquently put, you are best to "reserve" your judgments, for as Paul says, "those who are not called cannot judge those who are."

ProverbialMike said...

Certainly we are all one church--but if you think there aren't BOTH crazy liberals in the church and crazy conservatives amongst us--I've got some great swampland in Florida to sell you.

Now should there be these types? Nah--God longs for unity and yet we all fall short. But that doesn't change the fact that they exist. Let's be realistic.

Anonymous said...

I know that prior to entering the priesthood, Fr. Francis was engaged with the intent of marrying. He said so himself and because he was certain of his calling to the priesthood, called off the wedding. EVERY priest faces the possibility of developing a close relationship with a woman, whether or not they can keep that close relationship purely pastoral or not depends on the persons involved. Obviously, in this case, Fr. Francis is astute enough to know he needs some time on sabbatical and this is a wise choice. Hopefully, the widow will also realize the gravity of the situation and love him with the same kind of love the mother had for her child when Solomon proposed to split the child into between competing "mothers". ranted, I'm looking at this from the outside, but one thing I do know, Fr. Francis has had a wonderful ministry thus far and I pray it can continue.

ProverbialMike said...

Agreed. But somehow in today's climate I doubt that it will.

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