Mar 24, 2009


Follow me on Twitter and then check out this hysterical video!


St Edwards Blog said...

That was great! I have yet to master twitter, I am still lost. And I am pretty big into the whole "social media thang." What is it with twitter?

There is a particular postmodern conundrum to it though, isn't there?

I still want to figure it out though.

god googler said...

I'm a novice but like Facebook you "follow" people's updates albeit shorter (think facebook's status updates on steroids).

I think the beauty is getting texts on your phone from those you want quick info from. Like I follow the NY Times and every time they post a new headline I get a tweet. So I find out news quickly. You can put that to your phone or just follow on the computer. So while I follow like 150 people, I only have 3 of them sent to my phone.

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