Jul 10, 2009

Arrival: A Sweedish Abba Cover Band

OK, my wife is into Abba and dragged me to see Mamma Mia (the movie--which I kinda thought was goofy-funny). So I decided to treat her to this concert by these folks in Tarrytown (a tiny sleepytown in Westchester County which is the inspiration for Washington Irving's Sleepy Hollow) along with a nice dinner by the water. I had low expectations but this was a pretty good show. They did a lot of the hits and they do sound like them and they are really proud to be Sweedish and of their country.

They finished the show without doing Dancing Queen which I was surprised at...but then came out for an encore and they did it then. It was cute when they invited all the little girls up on stage for the number and taught them a small routine to do with them in the midst of their number.

Also, plenty of places to eat on the water in Tarrytown. A nice quick trip from NYC.

Staycation continues hopefully by seeing Anne Hathaway tonight at Shakespeare in the Park. I'm on the virtual line.

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