Aug 18, 2009

A New Look

For those of you who suddenly went blind, or like me are approaching 40 and are starting to have trouble seeing street signs...

Googling God has gotten a facelift. Let me know what you think. I'll be adding more to the East Wing Sidebar as time goes on.

I seem to be having some problems with the blockquote feature as it always increases the font size of the following paragraph. Any thoughts from other bloggers out there who use custom coding?


St Edwards Blog said...

Great look! Wow, I like this.

As for block quote, I often have problems with that, even in a standard blogger template, so I have no insight to offer, sorry.

Ironically - perhaps not, I am struggling with a template for a new blog that I want to start. Instead of frustrating myself so early in the day, I came here instead.

Divine inspiration perhaps?!


Genesis Ministries said...

Hmmm...I don't like change Mike Hayes. I'll let you know in a week what I really think as I get used to the new look.

I will say, as much as I am a fan of green, the other look was a little more warm and inviting. :)

god googler said...

Duly noted Genesis Ministries! I'm not entirely pleased with it but I'm not sure I want to go with a "standard blogger" theme either.

Deacon Greg Kandra said...

Snazzy! But it's really...GREEN.

Making a political statement, God Googler?? :-)

Dcn. G.

St Edwards Blog said...

A new, new look? This morning it was one thing and now another.

I am trying to start a new personal blog and having a hard time getting it to look like I want it to look.

Anyway, I am not here for the good looks, but for the content!


Paul said...

I like the new format -- and not just b/c it's the one I use! :-)

RE block quotes in this template:

-- It helps to put an extra "return" at the end of the text within the block quote.

-- If using an image in the same post, sometimes you have to put the image within the block quote.

Happy blogging!

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