Jan 11, 2010

Today's Inspiration: Mary Did You Know?

This coming Sunday, we will read in the Gospel about the wedding feast at Cana, where Mary plays a critical role in Jesus' entering his public ministry. And so we pray...

And while we know, that Mary's child is the great I AM, do we always rejoice with music and dancing as she must have after his first miracle? Let us meditate on this miracle throughout the week.


Paul said...

I have mixed feelings about this song.

I'm glad that many people do like the song and find it good on a spiritual level.

But ...

It's kind of schmaltzy.

Also ... if you read the accounts of the Annunciation and the Visitation in the scriptures, it's pretty clear that YES, she did know.

She immediately knew -- because the angel told her.

It's not bad to ask the question, of course. And, it's a good question to ask.

I don't know. Jury is out ...

god googler said...

When it's sung right it's not as schmaltzy.

And what's so bad about smaltz once in awhile anyway? I wouldn't recommend a complete diet of it, but in general, its not totally awful.

I think the song gives us a more human view of Mary. I would say that she knew Jesus was God but was still amazed anyway--after all, we don't always trust that God can do all the things that He does for us. Perhaps she also wondered what would really happen to Jesus? Simeon tells her that her heart would be pierced--but what does that cryptic message mean? I doubt she really grasped that.


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