Mar 14, 2006

Adoption, buying a home, and more

The blogging has been light for the last month because I've been sequestering myself in my office and trying to finish my book, Googling God for Paulist Press. Only few re-writes needed on two chapters at this juncture from where I sit...hopefully the editors will agree.

Adoption for us took a slight turn south. Our agency in Nicaragua informed us that Patricia, the little girl we are looking to adopt has not been declared abandoned. Her mother is unable to care for her because she is financially unable to do so, but she stays in contact with her from time to time at the orphanage. The director there believes that adoption is the best option for Patricia and is going to ask the mother to consider it.

I've gone through the mill prayerfully about this. I love Patricia and I think that I would be a good dad for her...and Marion, my wife would be a great mom for her as well. But how do you ask a mother for her child, even when you know that she is unable to give her the care that she needs. She's still her mama! That is a bond that is impossible to break and nor would I want to. Yet, I know that Patricia needs more than she's getting in Nicaragua and I can provide that for her. So my prayer today is that God will show us what is best for this little girl and will move the heart of her mother to discern that as well.

On the homefront, I think we may have found a co-op to buy with the help of my sister and brother in law. We will need a 2BR apartment in order to move forward with the homestudy for adoption and I think I found on that I can afford.

Was interviewed by New York Magazine today about catholic blogging. Seems they think the blogging awards were a big deal. Dunno. I wasn't waiting with baited breath on any of them with the exception of my buddy, Mark Mossa, SJ's award for blog by a seminarian. Check out "You Duped Me Lord."

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Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Hey, how come they didn't interview me! :)

Let me know when the story's out--should be good press for your book!!

And, hey, thanks for the plug!

Idea: You should move the weekend of the next CACS meeting! Then you'd have plenty of helping hands!



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