Mar 21, 2006

Gay Adoption: Good or bad idea?

From Ignatius Insight:

"The chief administrative officer of San Francisco’s Catholic Charities is an openly gay man who has a daughter he adopted four years ago with his homosexual partner.

That fact summarizes the challenge confronting the new archbishop of San Francisco, George Niederauer, in the face of the burgeoning controversy over Catholic Charities’ adoption placements with homosexual couples.

The controversy was brought to the boiling point by a March 9th directive from Archbishop William Levada, former archbishop of San Francisco and now prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine for the Faith. Levada acknowledged that children had been placed with homosexual parents under his watch, and said it could no longer occur...."

Here's the problem...because gay marriage is such a political football and because homsoexuality is often not studied to the extent it should be no studies with regard to children who are raised in "gay families" have been explored in depth. Most are merely anecdotal.

The harshness of debate is possibly (note the word possibly, please) doing much harm to children who could benefit from having a loving family caring for their needs. Living in an orphanage simply sucks--no matter how good an orphanage is. Neglect is always occuring depite best intentions.

Now we should also note that other studies on adoptees state that they simply do better with a mother AND father...although some single parent homes do exceptionally well. By and large though, the former is cited as being true. As adoption has come more into vogue, I suspect that the numbers of how well children actually do come crashing down--naturally all adoptive parents can't be good ones.

As usual, nobody's listening to one another; nobody's exploring these issues deeply; and therefore we're not looking at the big picture.

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