Jul 17, 2006

Long Island Pool Party

Had fun yesterday at a pool party given by Marion's cousins, (Joe and Jennifer Cavaliere and their adorable children - Danielle, Anthony, and Nicole). Her other cousins and their kids (Nigel and Marie and their children also joined us).

Nothing like a pool on a 95 degree day. Joe is also an expert griller--so we had great hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage.

It gives me pause hanging out with people who are parents. It gives me a glimpse of how much these children are such an important part of their lives and how much of a priority they are as well. It seems overwhelming at times but I don't know many people who are seemingly as happy as Joe and Jennifer look with their kids...even in crazy and hectic times.

I also have to say that these kids were all very well behaved (and I'm not just saying that). Good parenting was certainly on exhibition and I learned a lot about what being a good mom and dad entails from Joe and Jen.

In short, a good time had by one and all.

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