Jul 3, 2006

They ruined a good book

So I don't make a habit out of reading "chick-lit" as my friend, Brooke likes to call it. But a friend suggested that I read The Devil Wears Prada about a year ago and I absolutely loved it. I mean, it ain't War and Peace, but it told a good page-turning story.

So I took my wife to see the film the other night.

Good film...but different from the book.


They left out the best character in the book which is the security guard who constantly locks Lauren out of the building's revolving stantions while she's rushing to get coffee to her complete bitch of a boss. He hysterically makes her sing songs in order to get access to the building. (one scene has her singing Tiffany's "I think we're alone now." Absent from the fim--what were they thinking.

If memory also serves, Nigel is a large flamboyantly gay, black man in the book. Stanley Tucci at last glance was not black, nor very large nor very gay. But I did like him in the movie.

They were far too sympathetic to her boss in the movie...and Andy doesn't even call her a bitch in the movie as she does in the book...which attains her a legendary status among all people familiar with her boss (like the entire world).

Supposedly, the author worked at Vanity Fair. I haven't read the second book, Everybody Worth Knowing yet.

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