Dec 13, 2006


The new show on Sirius Satellite Radio is off to a rousing start. Fr. Dave Dwyer (who is on every weeknight from 7P-9P Eastern) is a gifted broadcaster and is beginning to move easily into merging God-talk with the technical aspects that radio requires. He takes direction well and is often innovative on his own.

Overall the Catholic Channel is pretty interesting. I particularly like Lino Rulli --the Catholic Guy-who's on from 4-6 on the east coast in Afternoon Drive. Also The Konigs--Susan and Dave are pretty funny when talking about family issues in the early mid day slot. Morning Man Gus Lloyd is solid and an obvious radio veteran. Program Director Rob Astorino does a nice job interviewing Cardinal Egan every Thursday.

Pick up Sirius for yourself or a loved one while the holiday fire sale is still going on.

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