Dec 14, 2006

Solo Podcast Sorta

We did our first podcast without Fr. Dave this week. It felt weird and I missed the rapport we have together--there is something about a priest and layperson dynamic that really does work here.

Still I'm proud of myself for doing it (and we used a large piece from Fr. Dave's Sirius Show with Fr. Jim Martin--so it's not like he's gone completely). Marc Adams is a real kick in the pants too--love that guy.

I'm starting to recruit some Paulists to come on by the podcast studio for what looks like a Wednesday podcasting journey. So we'll try to keep the lay person/priest thing going. Especially since I've already gotten 3 "we miss the rapport that you and Fr. Dave had emails."

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Congrats on your first podcast without Fr. Dave. I am sure it went beautifully!

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