Jun 6, 2008

Bolt to Boston

So I'm blogging from the Bolt Bus on my way to the first Boston-Based BustedHalo Retreat! Should be a good time.

Boltbus is a new company that is a subsidiary of Greyhound and you can get a fare for as cheap as a dollar if you book in advance long enough. I booked yesterday and got a one-way fare from NYC to Boston for $15...that beats Amtrak by a long shot. What's more is there is free wi-fi access on the bus--how awesome is that. I've gotten so much work done! I even watched Fr Rodrick's show for a little while and did a bit of blogging on my dog's blog. At times it's a bit slow but for the most part it's awesome. There's supposedly more legroom on this but I wouldn't say it's significantly more as compared with Amtrak--but for $15 it's roomy.

The one downside thus far--the bus was late and we're about an hour behind schedule. The company is only 3 months old--but so far it might be the place to go if you're taking a quick trip to Boston, Philly or Washington DC.

As for the BustedHalo retreat--this should be fun. I'll be preaching the reconciliation service on Saturday night on the prodigal son--some of which I sampled on here this past week.

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