May 4, 2009

Swine Flu = God's Wrath for Abortion says priest

From Australia's Canberra Times

Swine flu and Mexico's recent earthquake had been the judgment of God for that country's abortion laws, a visiting US priest told members of Canberra's St Christopher's Parish on Tuesday.

Father Wade Menezes, recommended to the parish by the Archbishop of Canberra and Goulburn Mark Coleridge, is conducting a mission for the parish each evening until tonight at St Peter Chanel's Church, Yarralumla.

Though the exact words used by Father Menezes cannot be quoted, it is reliably understood they had a similar meaning to those by Victoria's Catch the Fire Ministries' leader Danny Nalliah, who said Victoria's devastating February bushfires were the consequences of the state's abortion laws.

Ugh. When did divine retribution (which by the way JESUS refutes in nearly every Gospel passage about healing) start sneaking back into the lexicon.

It makes me sad that this guy is poisoning the minds of people.



NH Cath said...

"the Lord knows how to rescue the devout from trial and to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the day of judgment"2 Peter 2:9

St Edwards Blog said...

It is a dynamic Mike - and it breaks my heart that any cleric would say this... and that people cling to hear that.

Really sad, really truly sad.

god googler said...

NH Cath--

Right. So we don't need to make that our job.

ruc_king_aka said...

To me, it seems rather a test of HAARP and newly invented microbes from pentagon. Sin & Injustice is not limited only into the Mexico...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that lexicon never really went away. I, for one, can only mock such people.

god googler said...


Tell us a bit more about HAARP and what would be being tested--I'm a bit lost on the reference.

Anonymous said...

i left the church i was working at because of fr. wade. he is misguided and not a very nice person!

god googler said...

Anonymous--We hope you come on back to our church soon and know that you are always welcome. Let us help find you a more welcoming church.

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