Jun 11, 2009

Holocaust Museum: The Worst Side of Us

The New York Times tells you all you need to know.

The gunman was identified by law enforcement officials as James W. von Brunn, who embraces various conspiracy theories involving Jews, blacks and other minority groups and at one point waged a personal war with the federal government.

This is especially sad because President Obama recently went to a concentration camp with Elie Weisel. There have been random shootings elsewhere in the South (a church in Knoxville) and of course the shooting of the abortion doctor last week. I fear that the people behind these shootings have new resolve with the election of President Obama. To be honest, I fear this is just the beginning of their response to that and that we might be in for much worse and indeed that is a shame. There's just no cause for violence in any circumstance.

A friend recently said to me that it's about time that we woke up to our ugly side and that at the very least this is now out in the open so we can deal with it and not bury it under the rug. I would add that it's a shame that people have had to die so that we can admit that people have these violent tendencies and that sometimes they act on them.

To our Jewish brothers and sisters please know that we will never forget the horror of the Nazi regime. We stand with you today denouncing hate crimes and violence. May the God of peace be always with us now and forever. Amen.

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