Jun 3, 2009

Pics from Deacon Greg

Deacon Greg has posted pictures of my recent visit to the Studio over at New Evangelization TV--where he serves as the news director. Rather than steal them, just jump over to The Deacon's Bench and give them a look-see! I don't even look fat!

We barely scratch the surface on ministering to youth and young adults but I liked the segment and thought we gave a good overview. Matt McClure (pictured right) was an excellent anchor for the segment, which I can say as a former media person. He comes to the station from Atlanta and they made fun of the fact that he doesn't yet have a desk--he's using a fold out table at this point. I said to him, "Well at least you got a nice Mac computer." Nice guy with a great sense of humor. Welcome to the Big Apple Matt.

The show is scheduled to run June 10th.

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