Feb 2, 2010

A Concord Shout Out

One of my favorite blogs gave me a major ego boost today. A Concord Pastor Comments included me as his link of the day which is quite an honor. Fr Austin Fleming is The Concord Pastor and he writes with a tender touch and an open heart. I haven't had the pleasure to meet him in person but blogging friends have told me that I need to simply be in the presence of this holy man once in my life.

His blog is sacred space par excellence. I especially like his Monday Morning offerings which my wife and I use for our prayer time on Mondays and his always thoughtful homilies.

Check Fr Austin out...and he's always in the links on the blogroll to the right.

1 comment:

Concord Pastor said...

Mike: with regards to my alleged holiness, your informants are much too kind and others will be more than happy to supply you with evidence to the contrary.

But it would be great, some day, to gather with those who minister on this digital continent, saints and sinners that we are.


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