Feb 10, 2010

One Who Dies Well

Fran at St Edward's Blog points us to a remarkable women she met and to St. Scholastica as well.

Over the months Carol would dip down and come close to death. She would often call me from the hospital to say hello and give me an update. She knew exactly what was happening and I never heard or saw fear in her. She had a rich quality that combined deep and ancient wisdom with a childlike wonder. And Carol had no fear about meeting the God she adored.

It seemed that Carol might never die - a hopeful thought for those who knew her. Yet that was not to be the case. She kept dancing with death, but with a bit of a polka beat, as her Polish heritage dictated. Carol neither rushed towards nor avoided her death in my experience, she was in relationship with her life through her relationship with God and God's people. It is utterly impossible to live well without being able to have some insight that this also means to die well.

Indeed. I'm off to re-read Tuesday's With Morrie once again to remember that point even better. And read more of Fran's post on St. Scholastica as well.

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