Dec 8, 2005

Dying too young 10 years ago

December 8th is not merely the feast of the Immaculate Conception for me. It's also the day I lost one of my best friends, Dave Connors 10 years ago.

Dave was one of my college roommates, and he was always in bad health through no fault of his own. Diabetes and a bad heart got the best of him at the too young age of 25.

Dave was also pretty agnostic, but he taught me, a devout Catholic, more about God than I think he ever realized. Through his pain Dave laughed with friends, served the needs of many, and was always around to simply be a friend. He had time for everyone and understood intimately the value of time.

I think God is a lot like that. He realizes our limitations as humans and prods us to make the most of our lives with the short time we have. Most of all, he calls to know and love others. To be intimately involved in the lives of all people and treat them like kin.

This Christmas season, may we remember the life of a man who changed the world by becoming friend to the ostricized, seeing people for more than who they were told they were. He also was often accused of simply having too much fun with his friends.

He also died much too young.

And I ask that you remember that this man was a whole lot like my friend, David Connors.

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