Dec 27, 2005

The three kings had nothing on my wife

My wife outdid herself this Christmas by buying me the shorts of Wallace and Gromit, the loveable claymation figures made famous mostly in the UK but now in the USA with their feature film, The Curse of the Were Rabbit.

She also bought me a similar coffee table book on the duo.

I got her a lot of books that she asked for and a Mad About You compilation DVD set. I also got her a last minute gift--a pair of Elephant slippers--you know the huge shippers with big animal heads on the front (my wife likes elephants). Turns out someone stole her elephant slippers in college (my guess is my boss, Fr. Dave, who was also a college classmate of my wife's). Her mom had given them to her and she treasured them. I never knew. Cool intuition huh?

Can't wait until next Christmas when our gift may be a little girl from Nicaragua named Patricia!

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