Nov 12, 2008

Barack to Benedict: The Call

President Elect Obama called the Pope to thank him for his congratulatory message. No further details are available as all calls with world leaders and a President or President-elect are private.

I wonder who was more nervous on the phone--the President or the Pope--most likely the incoming President as he's rather new at this "let's call the Pope and thank him" thing.

One of my friends said that perhaps the call went something like this:

President elect Obama: Thanks for your telegram, we should hang out sometime.

Pope Benedict: Ya, that sounds good, grab a beer, ya?

President Elect: Let's do this before January, I'll never get to hang out anymore after the 20th.

Pope Benedict: You don't know the half of it. When the gullitine fell on me, I had to cancel a lot of appointments. I can't even take my cat Chico to the vet anymore. By the way the girls should have a cat too.

President Elect: Your holiness, don't give them any ideas.

Pope Benedict: I'll get them to change your mind on abortion too--just give me five minutes with them that's all they'll need. They'll even beg you to convert!

President Elect: This isn't the best way to persuade me to come to the Vatican, your holiness!

Pope Benedict: (laughs) Come anyway, I'll let you wear my Mitre and take some pictures to put on our facebook pages!

President Elect: OK...I'm sold. See ya Benny!

Pope Benedict: Sure Barry, God bless.

Both laughing hang up.

If anyone could help figure out a way that this administration can work with the Vatican, it's this Pope and this President--two brilliant and vastly reasonable men.

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