Nov 28, 2008

Thanksgiving: Taking Stock and More

A wonderful time spent with friends and my wife today at the home of our friend, Donna. We spent time considering the things we were thankful for, drinking good wine, and eating scrumptious food.

Thanksgiving allows me to not merely take stock in what makes me happy but to examine what makes me feel more connected to God working in my life. Direct ministry and preaching are two things that connect me very intentionally and I think they are what I do best. However, I don't always get to do a lot of these things. I'm getting more focus at work to do both lately which are good things but continue to long to do them more often.

In non-ministerial ways, being with my wife and dog have been central. I love coming home now more than ever to a dog's wagging tail and a big hug and kiss from Marion. I often can't tell who is happier to see me. Truly, I am one lucky guy! Lately, connecting with old friends has sparked something as well.

I had my 20 year HS reunion recently and I was really taken by what a great bunch of people I went to school with(pictured, right)--many emotional conversations took place that night and I really didn't expect that.

I realize that my energy has been waning lately and I need to better direct my thoughts and directions. It's just a small shift but one I need to notice. God calls me to continue to connect with what makes me tick most effectively.

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