Nov 21, 2008

An Early Advent Thought

From America Magazine and Fr James DiGiacomo, a good guy and a life-long Cubs fan.

God will try to come to each of us in many ways during the next few weeks. God may remind me of someone who used to be my friend until that ugly quarrel took place a few months or years ago. Would this be a good time to forgive, or at least bury the hatchet? As I run through my address book and decide to whom I will send Christmas cards or gifts, I come across a relative who lives in a nursing home and would welcome a visit much more than a card. Should I fit her into my schedule? A survey of my closet turns up several items of clothing that I never wear. Should I contribute them to a collection for the poor? And so on.

These are not earthshaking inspirations, but they are the stuff of goodness that comes through God’s gentle nudging. If we are watchful and alert to grace, we will help to celebrate the coming of Christ not just as something wonderful that happened a long time ago, but as something that is going on here and now.

This was just part of a reflection in this week's magazine--the whole thing is available here. America makes a great holiday gift for someone--so try sending them a subscription as a thoughtful Christmas gift that keeps on giving. You can even send a web subscription as well. So take some time and subscribe here

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