Jan 29, 2009

For What Else Shall We Pray?

I'd like to start a daily regimen of prayer on the blog and hope that y'all will add your prayers in the comments section so we can all pray as a blog community.

I'd like to ask prayers for:

A friend's sister who recently went through a divorce.
All the couples on our recent retreat.
People with mental illnesses.
Fr. James Keenan, SJ
Healing from a broken relationship with a colleague.
Understanding and patience
Our Jewish brothers and sisters
Fr. Frank Diskin, CSP

Oh God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, has instructed the hearts of the faithful grant that by the same spirit we may come what to know what is right and rejoice with the truth. May this same Holy Spirit allow me and all of us to seek peace without our own prejudices blocking our minds. Amen.

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Paul said...

I'd like to ask for prayers for:

-- the health of my grandmothers and my Uncle Joe
-- my sister, Kristy, who is expecting a daughter in May
-- my nephew, Ethan, who will be a big brother in May
-- my brother, Cliff, and his fiance, Meghan, who recently got engaged
-- my friends, Anthony and Heather, who recently got engaged
-- my friends, Allison and Melissa, who are both expecting
-- my friends, Mike and Vince, who are now looking for work
-- blessings for the play this weekend in New Haven
-- for the safety and fun of everyone at the Superbowl

Lord, hear our prayers.

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