Jan 27, 2009

Run, Rabbit --Towards the Light

John Updike has died at the age of 76 from Lung Cancer. Updike was a key chronicler of the anxieties of his own age. BBC news has more:

Updike's first novel, The Poorhouse Fair, was published in 1959. The following year, though, saw the publication of the book which established him as one of the greatest novelists of his age, Rabbit, Run.

It marked the debut of his most enduring character, Harold "Rabbit" Angstrom.

In the following decades he would write sequels, including Rabbit Redux, Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest, charting the course of a man's life - his job, marriage, affairs, minor triumphs and death.

He once said his subject was the Protestant Middle Class but I also found some great Catholic images in his work as well.

Rest in Peace.

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