Dec 19, 2009

Is Your Christmas Tree Up Yet?

The Pope loves Christmas Trees...thus sayeth Zenit

The Christmas tree -- with its journey from a dark forest to the brilliance of decorative lights -- represents every Christian, called to share the message that the Light of the world has become man.

This was a comparison made by Benedict XVI today when he addressed a delegation from Belgium, which provided the Christmas tree for St. Peter's Square this year.

"In the forest," the Holy Father said, "the trees are close together and each one of them contributes to making the forest a shadowy, sometimes dark, place."

"But here," he continued, "chosen from among this multitude, the majestic tree that you offered us is today lit up and covered with brilliant decorations that are like so many marvelous fruits."

"Leaving aside its dark garments for a brilliant explosion, it has been transfigured, becoming a beacon of light that is not its own, but rather gives testimony to the true Light that comes to this world," the Pope suggested.

A lovely reflection and very true. We have a dog and don't like the smell of Chihuahua we get a small plant-like Christmas tree that we put our favorite ornaments on each year. I'm also afraid he'll pull down a larger tree. Sigh, the things I do for this dog! But the tree, small though it might be brings me much joy--just like the dog does for that matter. I'm off to get it today in fact.

What do you do for your Christmas tree? What Christmas tree traditions do you have?


Fran said...

A lovely post!

We have a real tree. I have had various traditions over the years, when I was on my own - fake tree, real tree, no tree.

When Mark and I first got married I insisted on a real tree, which he was not crazy about. Mark, Erica and I went out and cut one down and we have done so for the past few years.

Then we all decorate it - which is a mix of annoyance and joy. Mostly joy!

Our tree is symbolic as it has ornaments that were Mark's, Mark and Erica's - including things she made when she was younger, my own - including some really beautiful old glass balls that were my grandfather's.

Luckily our dog ignores the tree and for the most part, the cat does the same.

Each morning when I come down to pray, I turn on the lights of the tree. It is very contemplative and peaceful for me.

Michelle said...

I love the smell of a real pine tree -- it reminds me of family (all those camping trips).

As my mother before me, my tree goes up on Christmas Eve. We decorate it with family ornaments, some that are approaching a century old, some from last year. It's a time to remember. The ornament made by my mother for her first Christmas as a married woman - pregnanet with me, sewn with thread from foil. All they could afford as graduate students. The ones made my my children as they have grown. The places we've been.

And so far, by the grace of God, in twenty years neither kid nor cat has dumped the tree over!

Today's task the Advent greens on the mantle (usually up on the 17th or so...but this year has been more complicated). Of course now there are several inches of snow to be dealt with out there!

And the dog is lucky to have you all...

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