Dec 29, 2009

Today, I Need Prayers

OK folks, as many of you know I'm pretty naked on this blog and share a lot of personal information here. I try not to be inappropriate in my self-disclosure but at the least, I let you know what I'm going through and hope that you, dear readers, will empathize and perhaps even feel some resonance with the things you deal with in your own life. From where I sit, it is like a small group on a retreat without the confidentiality part. I share, you respond in the public square that is within this space.

Today however, I'm simply going to ask for prayers. The situation that I'm facing is a family issue and in the interest of privacy I'm going to withhold what the issue is and who it relates to. I will say that it does not involve my wife or I directly (or our dog!) but it is seriously worrisome for us and for our family. Suffice it to say, we're hoping for a good result to a situation tomorrow and so I'm asking for prayers for that today.

Today's Gospel speaks of Simeon who waited years for a situation to come to pass. May today we have that kind of patience that allows us to bear all things and like Mary, who has her heart pierced, as Simeon predicted, may we be able to bear any pain associated with this situation with humility. It is Jesus who saves both Simeon and Mary with the redemptive love that only God can bring.

And so, we pray:

Lord, if it be your will, allow this situation to resolve itself tomorrow. May our family trust in your love and care for us and through the intercession of all the saints and holy people that I have come to love and regard as partners in prayer (Fr Isaac Hecker, St. Ignatius, St Dymphna, St. Joseph, and St Paul the Apostle) may you help us through this difficult time for our family. For those who read this blog, I only ask that you hear their prayers and give to them what they truly need in their lives. We ask all this in the name of Jesus the Lord who can do all things for those who ask for His assistance. Amen.


St Edwards Blog said...

So many prayers for you Mike! Today and always.

With love and friendship to you always,

Michelle said...

Prayers for grace and resolution.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Mike, be assured of prayers from our convent here in Springfield.

Deacon Greg Kandra said...

Blessings and prayers to you and all those love, Mike.


Ginny said...

I just stood by the kitchen window, listened to a bird chirping outside, and said a bunch of Hail Marys for you. I'll keep them coming. May you have peace as you wait.

Victoria Mildew said...

Peace and Prayers to you and your family



(BST UK 30th December 2009 13.03pm)

Paul said...

Many prayers for you and the family today, Mike.

I pray the Holy Spirit brings peace.

God Bless,

jim said...

my prayers are with you! God's peace!

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