Jan 19, 2006

Vomit and NYSC: Perfect together

Today was day one of my personal training regimen. Basically it was a series of tests to see just what I can do. Liz, my personal trainer, is awesome and is really great at adjusting and instructing me throughout the workout.

I started out on the elpitical machine as a warm up (note: usually this IS my work out so I'm taking what I usually do as a workout and it's already become the warm up--can you say "Oh shit, I'm gonna die?). Only five minutes and I probably couldn't do too much more.

We then moved to some basic yoga stretches--which were fine. I've done yoga before with my pal, Fr. Tom Ryan, who is the healthiest man alive. Check out his new site christianspracticingyoga.com.

We moved to some up/downs on the step boards which were pretty hard for me and got me sweatier than I get when I eat Kow-pung chicken. We moved on to some free weights doing curls and lat excercises. Not a huge amount of weight but man was it hard.

I got to take a water break and when I returned I thought I would puke all over the place. Liz took pity on me and had me sit for a bit on the excercise ball and stick my head between my legs and breathe deeply. I was right at that point where you feel like you're turning all kinds of colors and your tummy is jumping all over the place. I felt a lot better after about five minutes. Liz told me that since I've been so lousy to my body it's confused about what the hell I'm doing to it.

We did some calf rolls because mine are really tight next and then we did some lunges and took on some of the weight machines. Liz was really good at teaching me how to use them properly. We did some light stretching and then set a time to meet on Monday and called it a day--Thank God.

Looking back on this though--we were only at this for one hour--but man was that a workout. So I guess I'm getting what I paid for. I had checked my weight before I started and it read 222...up from 218. At the end of the workout I was curious so I hopped on the scale and girlfriend knocked my ass down to 220 AND I was soaking wet.

Monday she'll have an entire program for me to follow until we meet again. My big challenges will be keeping square and not moving my back off the bench machines.

I feel like total crap right now but the endorphins are also clearly raging in response so it evens out from time to time.

My goal is somewhere around 175 and then to gain a lot of flexibility and keep that part up along with some strength. I have a little girl coming along and daddy needs to be around to pay for all that tuition and a wedding one day. So I gotta take better care of the body God gave me.

So today, I thank God for Liz. Who's basically a nightmare in a black sweatsuit that I'll meet once a week or so to start and then move those sessions out to every other week.

Pray that I don't upchuck all over the place.

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