Jun 23, 2006

Deacon Discernment

Congrats to my friend Wally Sandoval who became a Deacon last weekend. Congrats also goes to his wife, Yolanda, for all she has done for the church in offering to share her husband with the good people of our parish.

I've been thinking about possibly being a Deacon. I've had the opportunity to offer a reflection on occasion, and if I do say myself, I'm pretty gifted at it. I also feel called to serve the church in a greater liturgical way (presently I'm a lector and a eucharistic minister). I'd like to do this on a more regular basis and the only way I see that I could be able to do this is by being a Deacon.

Now I'd have to wait another year because you need to be married for 5 years and be at least 35. So one out of two, at present.

I also am presented with a dilemma:

I live in the Diocese of Brooklyn (Queens is in the Brooklyn archdiocese?? Why? Who knows?) but I attend mass at the Paulist Motherhouse in Manhattan. I wonder how that would work? Would I need to go to school in the Brooklyn Diocese? I'd much rather go to Dunwoodie. Will check it out with my Canon Lawyer friend and report back.

I also hear rumors that Fordham is starting a DMin program in January--that's another possibility for me.

But first things first. I need to publish the book, Googling God before I make any decisons...so pray for me as I take the next year and discern how I'm continued to serve the church. I'm very happy with the Paulists and don't have any intentions of leaving but I see other longings and talents popping up for me...and wonder where that is leading me? Prayer and unceasingly fervent prayer is what will help me discover more---yours and mine both.

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