Jun 23, 2006

More from our guy Rocco

From Whispers:

Saginaw, MI Bishop Robert Carlson is "publishing a pastoral letter (being sent to all homes in the diocese) about his directives for implementation" of the General Instruction on the Roman Missal.

Word is that some highlights are:

- A clarified, standard recipe for Eucharistic bread
- Firm directives on who can and cannot preach [as many of you know, this has been an issue in the diocese]
- All parishes must have kneelers by 2009


Rocco doesn't think this is too strange. I beg to differ on a few counts.

1) Does it really matter what bread we use? I suppose they should all be uniform but I prefer ones that don't taste like shirt cardboard.

2) Lay people get screwed again...I continue to wonder why I went to graduate school? Perhaps priests and deacons should give an impramatur to qualified (and I'd stress the word qualified) lay people when they preach at an official event or offer a reflection at mass.

3) I agree wholeheartedly. I looked around a parish I frequent where some angry baby boomers insist on standing and did a head count and demographic count. Almost all the young people kneel. People in their 40s and 50s stand (angry baby boomers) and only a small minority. I'd probably prefer it if we all stood but I don't have an issue with kneeling. For the record, I kneel. And for the record, I don't make the rules--I just comply with them...well most of them. I do my best.

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Phill, 18 yrs old said...

Good sir, in replying to this post, i must say you overlook the fact that your bishop is an extremely intelligent man who lacks nothing when it comes episcopality. Also, there are certain norms for every part of the mass, and to ignore these norms, all of which have history back to the early church years and are based tradition, would be an insult to Catholicism today. Your "oh who cares..." whim has no credibility in an orthodox Catholic church.

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