Jun 23, 2006

The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show

So I've received a novel to peruse from the good folks at Harper San Francisco called The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show by Ariel Gore.

Bizarre. Here's the blurb:

"Orphaned at age four and raised by her black clad, rosary mubling, pre-occupied grandmother, Frankka discovered the ability to perform the stigmata as a way to attract her grandmother's attention. Now 28, Frankka's still using this extraordinary talent, crisscrossing the country with "The Death and Resurrection Show," a Catholic themed traveling freak show and a cast of misfits who quickly become her new family. But when a reporter from the LA times shows up to review the show, Frankka finds herself on the front page of the newspaper--the unwitting center of a religious debate. Now unsure of where she is and where she belongs, Frankka disapppears in search of herself and a place to call home."

Sounds like it's a quick summer read--will review it in this space and possibly on the halo.

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