May 4, 2006

Condi Rice at BC

Condi Rice was named this year's commencement speaker at Boston College, which is a Jesuit University for those who may be unaware.

Now naturally liberals are up in arms about her being selected because of her role in the war in Iraq. Interestingly, conservative also snub her because she is "mildly pro-choice."

As usual it all comes back to abortion for the conservatives who seemingly still have their head in the sand (or perhaps the flag?) about the war (and in fairness, many liberals have it in the sand on abortion too).

Why wouldn't people just protest her IDEAS instead of protesting her right to speak. The media's going to cover this event--give them something to cover.

The older I get the more I'm convinced that people really think way too simplistically most of the time.


D. R. Tucker said...

"...A few weeks back, Jon Keller noted that there were rumors about students planning to walk out on the speech as a way of protesting Rice's actions. Wouldn't that be just a little, uh, rude?"

Anonymous said...

Pardon the soapboox, but In my experience, our "modern educational system" seems designed to promote a simplistic view of every subject. Students who seek deeper understanding are ignored or ridiculed - even in "magnet" schools. The larger society also supports this model. People who try to assert deaper meanings and moral truths are attacked, when their ideas threaten to provoke deeper thought.

ProverbialMike said...

I agree with Anonymous to a point. It seems that the "goals" of education often is to simply:

a) get out of the school with a credential.


B) Do as little as you can intellectually but as much as you can to make connections that will land you a good job.

I agree that those who seek to learn more intellectually are often stunted in their attempt...but I never found that to be the case with the Jesuits...and since they run BC...I think that the opportunity to deeply engage the issues can come to the fore here.

Did anyone take that chance?

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