May 29, 2006

Visit from the kids

Over the weekend, my sister in law and her husband came to town with 4 of their 5 children, mostly to see her father, a recent amputee.

I just got back into town to see the kids before they left for Milwaukee. Katie the youngest, is clearly my favorite and always has such wonderful hugs and stories for me. I keep her picture in my office and people constantly ask if she's my daughter. Once, when I replied that she was my niece, the inquirer shouted, "Oh too bad! She's a cutie!"

That should've been the first hint that she wasn't my kid.

Regardless, a fine Italian meal at our Aunt's house was a lot of fun. I got rather worn out playing baseball (with a plastic golf club!) with the kids. But a fun time that I wouldn't trade for anything. I often see these glimmers of fatherhood in these moments and long for times like these with a child of my own. While all kids can be rascals at times--and I'm sure they are challenging to control. I often wonder who will be the strict disciplinarian in our home and I often think it will be me! More on that later.

My father in law is doing well. Lots of rehab awaits him.

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