May 25, 2006


I'm in Nashville to give a workshop today with my pal Lino Ruillithe host of Lino at Large and a real nut (got papers and everything!), on reaching young adults through the media.

The Catholic Press gets virtually no young adult readers. It's a combination of young adults not attending mass and indifference to the articles they present. A writer-friend remarks "I have no interest in writing a column for my diocesan paper. I don't want to write articles that make people say 'Oh what a nice young lady!" True enough--the saccarine content that most articles that are aimed at young adults contain is enough to give me diabetes instantly. It's time that the Catholic press takes young adults seriously. Blogger folks like Rocco Palmo have already become so relevant as Vaticanistas that they trump every other Catholic journalist in the country except John Allen (and I wouldn't even call him a Catholic journalist anymore).

So today we'll be prophets..and prophets are always in trouble. We'll see how that goes over.


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

What's your beef with John Allen?

ProverbialMike said...

I have no beef with John Allen. The comment was meant to be a compliment. He's MORE than just a Catholic journalist..he's the GUY CNN goes to when they need a Vatican expert as well as the NY Times, etc.

I don't see anybody else that respected in the secular media besides Amy Welborn and Rocco Palmo.

But I can see why it read as an insult and will make mention of that in my next post.

GodFool said...

one problem with any kind of catholic literature geared to "young adults" is that it subjects us all as pure white wedding-planning joykills. everything i've read - short of a few protestant publications - is boring and aimed at an audience of obvious "haves." (as opposed to "have-nots") show me a book about radical faith. i'll be impressed.

ProverbialMike said...

Good comment--GodFool (great name!)

I'd like to forward this comment to every Catholic editor in the country.

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