May 12, 2006

Does wiretapping make us more secure?

A friend told me that many people he knows would endure allowing their phones to be tapped because they feel it "makes us more secure."

I'm of two minds here:

1) The concept that it makes us more secure is laughable. Hello? They're tapping your phone! How does that possibly make you more secure? The next step is someone will be sleeping in your basement.

2) However, why are we concerned about people tapping our phones and knowing our business if we indeed have nothing to hide. The old axiom, "Tell the truth and they can't hurt you" is true only up to the point of telling the truth about things that are legal.

So what's the real issue here? Interestingly enough, liberal minded people are using a conservative argument on this matter with regards to keeping the government out of our daily affairs.

My final thought: My suspicious nature wonders if the government would use the information it finds through the wiretapping justly. Therein lies the larger argument. We live in such a litigious society that it breeds much contempt in so many ways.

Let us pray for the ability to trust one another and for our government to be able to instill that sense of trust in all of us. Amen.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

if you have one number and can track all calls to that one number you have created a we against them atmosphere.
illegal and no way will i accept that.
my calls are none of the governments business until they go get a warrant.
i want to see full prosecutions of everyone involved plus heavy heavy if not punitive also fines done for this invasion.

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