May 10, 2006

In God's Hands Now--Regarding Adoption

Semi-bad news from Nicaragua:

We most likely will not be able to adopt the little girl we would like to bring into our home.

The director of the orphanage where the little girl my wife and I (Patricia, pictured with me playing peekaboo, left) want to adopt informed us today that she has not been declared abandoned by the state--which means her mother (who is still alive but is unable to care for her because of the dire poverty that she lives in) would have to allow us to adopt her and she has not been willing to allow her to be adopted. She could change her mind if she would consider meeting us in August--but chances are that she has made up her mind already. She believes that she may one day be able to reunite her family. So things aren't quite over yet, but the fat lady is stepping up to the mic.

So the probability that we will adopt Patricia is now slim. As the director mentioned to us, "It's in God's hands now. Whatever he wants."

Needless to say I'm sad. Sad because poverty has placed this little girl in this predicament. Sad because I probably won't get to raise her and sadder still that she is most likely going to live the rest of her life in an orphanage with infrequent visits from her mother. I'm angry with God because I know one of the things I struggle with is patience and I think this is a cruel way for me to have to learn it.

We've already considered some other options to become parents...the orphanage got a new 7 year old girl recently so she may need a new family and we could provide her with that option.

So today, pray for Marion and I, please and for all the little ones who need someone to care and love them.

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