Oct 13, 2006

Great Falls Jeff

On BustedHalo's blog--The Spiritual Smackdown we read:

Quoting the letter address to Cardinal Egan:
"As you would understand, because of the severely vindictive nature of Cardinal Egan,this committee must remain anonymous."
Jeff writes:
"This smacks of a certain immaturity and lack of courage that I am disappointed to find in our clergy. Imagine if the Founding Fathers decided to issue the Declaration of Independence without signing it. They were in mortal danger but chose to sign it because a very public statement lacks power without knowing the names of those who support it. So it goes with the clergy behind the anonymous letter. If they truly believe that their argument has merit and they are convinced that they are acting correctly, why not sign the letter? If they are coming from a position of truth and righteousness, they would be protected by the Magesterium as well as the body of the Faithful from the "wrath" of Cardinal Egan. In light of the issues in the Archdiocese of New York, I can only say, "Shame on you" to the men behind this letter. Shame on them for demonstrating to the Faithful that the way to address problems with leadership, etc is to skulk around in shadows, hiding your face while allowing others to take the heat for your complaints. I certainly hope that the next letter they write is one of apology to the people of the Archdiocese for being party to such scandalous behavior. Maybe by then they will have grown up a bit and sign that one."
My comment:
I can't say I disagree, but if these men actually get revenge taken on them...and I'm not certain that this wouldn't happen...what good will they do anyone if they can't minister to their congregations?

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