Oct 13, 2006

Vote of No Confidence

My main man Rocco Palmo has the scoop (Scroll down to "Mutiny")on an anonymous letter circulating to the priests of the NY Archdiocese asking for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Cardinal Egan's leadership. The letter (printed in its entirety on Whispers) seems to confirm what I have heard myself anecdotally from several priests in the Archdiocese regarding Cardinal Egan's relationship

Egan is turning 75 in April and I have it on good authority that the Cardinal himself expects and hopes that his resignation will be accepted swiftly. So the letter is basically insuring that this takes place. I also am suspicious...I wonder if the Cardinal might have planted the letter himself.

I wonder what this all means for The Catholic Channel on Sirius now? Up until now it's been referred to as "The Cardinal's Baby."

As a NYer, I have no relationship with the Cardinal. He has never contacted our ministry and other Bishops have been the presider at Paulist ordinations I have attended. I served mass as a lector and an acolyte with Cardinal O'Connor several times and found him to be a delightful man...albeit a bit conservative for my tastes on some matters..but not most. I thought he had a good sense of humor and was quite a pastoral figure. Stories of his great care for the Archdiocese abounded when he died.

As always, my question regarding these matters is who's the replacement.

My 78 year old mother often said: "Ya know the one ya got...you don't know the one you're going to get!"

True enough, mom. Rumor has it that the current Archbishop of Milwaukee, Tim Dolan is all set to jump in the chair. So sez the Googler's sources.

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