Oct 14, 2006

More on the Cardinal Egan Fiasco

Egan made another rash mistake...Rocco reports that he slated the emergency priests' senate meeting smack dab in the middle of a funeral for a popular priest of the diocese. Indeed he is out of touch with his men.

And yet, while the letter certainly paints an accurate portrait of how the priests of the Archdiocese feel...and in fact, paints a true picture of the Cardinal's priorities (financial over pastoral) two things should be noted.

1) Cardinal Egan was ALWAYS sent to NY for that very reason. From day 1, it was always noted that he was going to be sent here to clean up financial matters and then would be sent off to some little villa in Rome.

2) Secondly, while the presbyterate may be longing for the media friendly and extremely pastoral John Cardinal O'Connor...let's not forget (God rest him) that he bankrupted the Archdiocese essentially.

At the least, we need a balance of the two men or have a pastoral and visible bishop who's smart enough to bring in trusted financiers to handle the money affairs of the diocese.

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