Oct 11, 2006

Old Friends

I had drinks with some old radio friends: Chris Thompson who continues to work at WOR Radio, is a womderful guy who made my time at WOR bareable. We worked closely together on the Food Talk program before he got kicked upstairs and I took his producing gig. Loads of fun.

Becky Bennett who now works for Buckley Broadcasting...the parent company of WOR, and is basically a personal assistant to the head honchos. Becky's just a fun person to be around--a real kick in the pants. She simply tells it like it is. I hope soon she makes some guy an incredibly happy man.

Heather Cohen was my beautiful and talented co-producer and cubemate. She now is the bigwig at a new radio network for women called Greenstone Media. What a lovely woman she has always been and it's good to see that she hasn't changed one bit--with the exception of her being very skinny now (flattery will get you everywhere). Her hubby, Michael, is a lucky man indeed.

Paul Cavalconte is now hosting a jazz show on Sirius Satellite Radio--so I hope to see him around the shop. Nice guy, quirky, but funny. And is always thinking of others and tries to be helpful.

Larry Fonseca is someone who I never worked with but was the sports director at WFUV a few years before I took that same job at Fordham. We've been shadowing each other as he worked at both WFAN and WOR not long after I was at both places. I expect him to work at either Sirius or here with the Paulists at some point in the near future if tradition continues to follow form.

In all, a great night out with the old friends.

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