Feb 3, 2009

Archbishop of Hamburg Criticizes Vatican PR

Give this Bishop credit for saying what everyone else is thinking.

Werner Thissen, the archbishop of Hamburg, said Pope Benedict XVI should have lifted the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson only if he had recanted his "unspeakable" claim that the Nazis did not use gas chambers.

He criticized the Vatican's "sloppy" handling of Bishop Williamson's rehabilitation, which caused a furore around the world, incensing Jewish groups and moderate Catholics.

Clercial Whispers has more here. I do wonder what the long term fallout is going to be with this. With interfaith marriages now nearly the norm with younger people there is going to be a huge need for discussion about what Catholics believe about Judaism during marriage preparation now. Dialogue has got to be on the docket quickly for the Pope and other Bishops with Jewish leaders now--and that should happen sooner rather than later and in a public forum as well.

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