Feb 8, 2009

World Marriage Day

Over at the Deacon's Bench, Deacon Greg reminds us that today is World Marriage Day and treats us to one of the most beautiful homilies on marriage I have ever heard.

It’s so fitting that the first miracle of Jesus, the changing of water into wine, happened at a wedding, in the early hours of a marriage. Because marriage is about transformation – it is about how the water of our lives, when touched by another, is changed. Life becomes sweeter, richer, fuller. It becomes like wine. It has the ability to intoxicate us.

And, of course, what has become wine can then be further transformed. Wine, at this altar, becomes Christ. And two people, in marriage, become a family. The human story continues – enriched, changed, sanctified.

What this means is so simple, and so beautiful: when joined in the sacrament of matrimony, we become something more than what we were.

Go hug your spouse now or maybe even do something nice for them. I'm off to give the dog a bath.

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