Feb 3, 2009

Interview with the Vampire Writer

I've never been a big fan of the vampire books that Anne Rice has written over the years but this new spiritual memoir, Called Out of Darkness, seems really interesting. BustedHalo's Bill McGarvey has had the excerpt up for a bit. As someone who was an atheist for most of her life, it's interesting to see how she's realized that God was lurking in her work for many years.

These books transparently reflect a journey through atheism and back to God. It is impossible not to see this. They reflect an attempt to determine what is good and what is evil in an atheistic world. They are about the struggle of brothers and sisters in a world without credible fathers and mothers. They reflect an obsession with the possibility of a new and enlightened moral order.

Did I know this when I wrote them? No.

But the research I did for them, the digging through history, the studying of ancient history in particular, was actually laying the ground for my return to faith.

The more I read of history—any history—the more my atheism became shaky. History, as well as Creation, was talking to me about God. The great personalities of history were talking to me about God.

You can check more out about Anne Rice here.

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