Apr 21, 2009

Archbishop Dolan - When I Was in Prison You Visited Me

This was truly inspiring to me. If the Archbishop ever wants some company I think a group of young adults would love to accompany him on a trip. Gotham's bishop visited Bedford Correctional Facility the only maximum security prison for women in New York State. He wanted a prison to be one of his first visits. He gave them an opportunity for mass and communion.

After Mass, Dolan stood outside the chapel and greeted each woman individually. He embraced most and said at least a few words.He happily chatted with those who had a comment or question.

He asked many women to pray for him. Several of the inmates asked to be blessed by the new archbishop and one remarked “You are so cute.”

Afterward, Dolan took a couple of questions and told me that visiting inmates and others in need is his sacred responsibility.

“They do more for me than I do for them,” he said.

After the Mass, Dolan was going to visit with long-term patients in the prison’s hospital. Then he was heading to the nursery, where babies born to pregnant inmates can live for up to a year.

A huge hat tip to Blogging Religiously for the story.

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Paul said...

I think we have a really good man here.

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