Apr 5, 2009

Exotic Dancer now Dances for Jesus

From the London Telegraph:

Anna Nobili, 38, spent years working as an exotic dancer and striptease artist in night clubs in Milan.
But she swapped string bikinis and high heels for a nun's habit after a visit to the shrine of St Francis in Assisi, a place of pilgrimage for millions of Catholics in Umbria, in 2002.

Read the rest here. I agree with Sr Julie over at A Nun's Life who gets a hat tip here for pointing us to this story that the London Telegraph has as she says:

The headline plays off the worst of stereotypes (and fantasies) about women, authority, and relationships between nuns and clergy.

The headline introduces an article in the UK newspaper Telegraph. “Lap Dancing Nun to perform for cardinals and bishops” (April 3, 2009) includes the more accurate subtitle “An Italian lap dancer turned nun is to perform a religious dance in front of an audience of Roman Catholic cardinals and bishops.”

“So what’s wrong with an attention-grabbing headline and a little fun, Sister Julie? It’s just a headline after all.”

Yeah, yeah. It’s not that I’m against provocative headlines, one of my more recent ones being Nuns, Sex, and Knitting. But I think there’s got to be some integrity in what is written. The fact is that the “lap dancing nun” is a Catholic Sister named Anna Nobili who expressly says that she has given up her lap dancing (and other activities).

I hope that it sells a few papers that converts a few more people if they're going to try to be provocative at her expense.

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