Apr 10, 2009

Video Reflection: Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge

Here is a small video reflection of our walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The cross was so far ahead of us that sometimes indeed it almost seemed like we were just walking over the bridge. Only five stations are reflected upon--a kind of conglomeration of the Passion Narrative as opposed to the traditional stations. The first was read at St. James Cathedral the seat of the Brooklyn diocese. Then we headed to the bridge.

We walked about halfway on the bridge before the first station where we heard the following:

We proceeded onto City Hall, Ground Zero and St. Peter's Church in lower Manhattan. More to come.

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1 comment:

Joseph C. said...


Hello. I was at the Stations of the Cross across the Brooklyn Bridge, as well. It was a HUGE crowd there. It was my first time in 3 years that I took part in it.

By the way, you would not have been a member of the Third Order Franciscans? I am a member in a parish in Manhattan.

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