Apr 29, 2006

Former CDF #2 sez: Boycott Da Vinci Code Movie

From Religion News Blog:

A Vatican official reportedly called for a boycott of the upcoming The Da Vinci Code film Friday, saying it contained "slanderous" offences against Christianity that would have provoked a worldwide revolt had they been directed against Islam or the Holocaust.


A bit much if you ask me. Only morons take fiction for reality. Rich Leonardi who usually bashes me on Open Book regularly mentions:

"What if someone wrote a 'good, suspenseful, and thrilling read' that told lies about your mother -- would that be O.K.?"

In a word, yes. I know they're lies, she would know they're lies, and anyone who "matters" to us would know they're lies. IT'S FICTION. Someone wrote a story that was a page turner for a good deal of the dopey public who fails to read critically. So what? If you shut up about it sales would stop climbing. Instead everyone shouts about it and Dan Brown is adding a wing to his home for all his awards.

Seems to me people who get worked up about this are overly concerned with the opinion of others.

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Jarzembowski said...

Boycotting a movie has never done much more than just give it more press. Kevin Smith once said that he joined with protesters in front of a theatre showing "Dogma," one of his movies, and the film even did better because of those protesters.

Besides, it's a movie. If only people would protest things that actually make real impacts on the world, like sending troops to war, condemning people to capital punishment, and the state of poverty in our world today. But people, it's a movie.

Thanks Mike for your refreshing look at the silly responses people are making to "The Da Vinci Code."

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