Apr 27, 2006

Pittsburgh Embraces Lay Ministry

In response to shrinking numbers of priests, Bishop Donald Wuerl of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh will begin appointing "parish life collaborators" to coordinate pastoral ministry in parishes with no resident priest.

They can be deacons or laity, and many are likely to be sisters. The plan was unveiled yesterday at a priests meeting. Up to three pilot programs are expected to start by year's end.

Oh to be in Pittsburgh! I wonder how much the pay is? Could a "family man" afford to be a PLC in the diocese? Benefits? I'm starting to become a big fan of Bishop Wuerl.

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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

We've already got at least two parishes in the Archdiocese of Portland with lay women as "Parish Administrators" and a Priest moderator who comes in for sacramental work only.

It's the wave of the future

ProverbialMike said...


I'm doing a project with a bunch of people from different national organizations and out west we found that there were priests who had to put their foot down:

"No Bishop, I won't take more than five parishes!"

As a lay minister, I've gotten much more resistance from the laity than from the clergy whenever I take on a role usually reserved for a pastor or a director of ministry.

Some folks need to wake up--glad Pittsburgh is taking the lead here.

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