Apr 29, 2006

Y'all: Singular or Plural?

Ok--I'm from New York...born and bred just north of the Bronx in Yonkers and then lived in Queens or Manhattan after my Fordham graduation. So the vernacular of the South is not my forte.

I was amazed to hear from Dr. Mickey Corso, a Fordham professor in their Graduate School of Religion (of which I am a grad) at a recent symposium, that the term "y'all" is singular. "So how y'all doing?" is a term address to an individual and not to a group.

If that's the case than the million dollar question is:

Do you know what the plural of "y'all" is?

A free BustedHalo t-shirt to the first one who comes up with the right answer.

Answer will be posted in the comments below after the correct one is mentioned.


Bill said...

It is, of course, "All y'all" (at least here in Texas!).

ProverbialMike said...

You sir, are correct. Dr.Cork since we are familiar with each other's work, I will send you a shirt after I go work out in it for a few hours and get really sweaty!

Alan said...

If the good professor is making a general statement about the usage, he is incorrect. But I suspect that the variation of using "y'all" as singular is something isolated, definitely not mainstream usage -- though with time, who knows, seeing as how language is prone to change over time.

I come from a family of southerners spead out from texas to florida, and they think this guy doesn't know what he's talking about! :)

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